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It was in land warfare that they memorialised the conflict

July 2, 2016

Random but interesting…

In a letter to the editor, Mike Pinchen refers to a BBC History Magazine (July, 2013) article titled ‘Where History Happened’ and quotes from it, writing:

“the war at sea often lacked the… very high casualties that marked the land battles. For many British Communities it was, therefore, the army that swallowed local men, and it was in land warfare terms that they memorialised the conflict.”

He goes on to discuss briefly the impact ship losses had on the communities in their home ports, but this comment on the pre-eminence of land warfare in the memorialisation of conflict is thought-provoking.

ref: Mike Pinchen ‘Naval war memorial’ p.18, letters, p.18-19 BBC History September 2013


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