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Elderly characters in Mahy’s fiction

September 28, 2015

Joan Gibbons makes the following points about Margaret Mahy’s elderly characters (in which I am always interested):

“Mahy deals with a complete range of age groups, and people of any age can belong to a family or be alone.” (p.16)

“New friendships can be formed at any age as can new families. This is more common with the young, although, with Mahy, no one is too old to form a new relationship. Middle aged or elderly people may marry and form a new family as easily as do the young.” (p.16)

“Most people in Mahy’s stories continue to grow, to meet and cope with further stages and challenges in life. Mahy shows that even the elderly may have the capacity to grow in understanding of themselves and of others.” (p.17)

Ref: Joan Gibbons ‘Family Relationships in the Stories of Margaret Mahy’ Papers 5:1, 1994, pp.11-27


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