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Nonsense and physics – Mahy

September 16, 2015

In an old but interesting interview with Margaret Mahy, Cynthia Brophy quotes her as stating:

“I am not the first person to suggest that the most prestigious study of our day – prestigious because of the power it puts, almost absentmindedly, in our faltering but ruthless hands, the study of physics – has recently developed curious affinities with nonsense.
“They both inhabit a strange wild region and the path we take through nonsense to touch on the irrational side of our natures, seems to bring us to a similar territory to that we find when we follow the path that leads us to precise considerations about the nature of the material world.” (p.30 – NB the quote is extracted from another article by Mahy)

“Separately, physics and literature each have their own validity. Juxtaposed by imagination they make something new and a junction is formed in the imagination itself from which new lines may strike.” (p.30)

Ref: Cynthia Brophy ‘Nonsense, physics same to Margaret Mahy’ pp.30-32 Panache, November 1987


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