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The Candle Fairy – Katherine Mansfield

August 10, 2015

The Candle Fairy

The candle is a fairy house
That’s smooth and round and white
And Mother carries it about
Whenever it is night.

Right at the top a fairy lives
A lovely yellow one
And if you blow a little bit
It has all sorts of fun.

It bows and dances by itself
In such a clever way
And then it stretches very tall
“Well, it grows fast” you say.

The little chimney of the house
Is black and really sweet –
And there the candle fairy stands
Though you can’t see its feet.

And when the dark is very big
And you’ve been having dreams
Then Mother brings the candle in
How friendly like it seems!

It’s only just for Mothers that
The candle fairy comes;
And if you play with it, it bites
Your fingers and your thumbs.

But still you love it very much
This candle fairy, dear
Because, at night, it always means
That Mother’s very near.

Ref: pp.84-85 (italics in original) Ed. Vincent O’Sullivan (1990) Poems of Katherine Mansfield. Auckland, Melbourne, Oxford: Oxford University Press

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