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The Ghosts of Young Nick’s Head by Sue Copsey.

April 10, 2015

Bobs Books Blog

ghost nicks headThe Ghosts of Young Nick’s Head by Sue Copsey. Pub. Pear Jam Books, 2011.

If you stand by the door of a dank room, in a very old house, and your dog starts whimpering and won’t go in, chances are it is haunted by a ghost.

Joe and Eddy who are on holiday at an old house on the historical headland of Young Nick’s Head find that this statement is true. On the day they arrive with Joe’s parents, a wild storm erupts causing a power cut and they hear a strange knock on the door from an old man who gives then candles to light up the house.

The next day they are saved by the same man when they are trapped by the tide in some caves below Young Nick’s head. Who is this man?

When they find the name Tom carved into the bed in the haunted…

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