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Narrative Inquiry

April 30, 2014

I like the wording of this:

Michel de Certeau (1984) noted that stories “constantly transform places into spaces or spaces into places,” suggesting that stories become spaces of resistance; they resist the dominant narratives of instituted power: “Stories offer their audience a repertory of tactics for future use” (p. 23). More importantly, it is in the stories of the quotidian, in our trying to live well alongside the challenges and struggles of “the-every-day” that we may engender some insight or percipience. “What I would like to suggest then is that research is not ultimately about interpretation but about faith. Trusting in the stories and the storyteller” (Hendry, 2007, p. 494). Narrative imagining is possessed with the potential to actualize small discoveries; the actualization of that potential is through the “journey into story” and the story’s end. Narrative researchers must hold the space for the storyteller and her story, transforming the place and the space, listening the story into being. It is through story that we may come to know and be. Story allows us to imagine the world otherwise, which enables us to act and in that action offer counter narratives to those of the instituted powers.


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