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Cartels as businesses, terrorism as a brand, gang violence as an epidemic: 4 talks for rethinking how to stop violence

November 5, 2013

TED Blog

Rodrigo Canales begins today’s talk by bringing us to a very confusing peace march. After a battle between Mexican law enforcement and the drug cartel La Familia Michoacana turned the city of Apatzingán into a battlefield for two days in 2010, the mayor of the town decided to hold a march for peace.[ted_talkteaser id=1859] Thousands of citizens showed up. And while half of those at the march wore white and held signs calling for peace, the other half proudly displayed signs and t-shirts supporting La Familia.

Canales shares this story to illustrate a point: “Our current understanding of drug violence and what leads to it is, at the very least, incomplete,” he says, speaking in the TED office.

Over the past six years, 60,000 to 100,000 Mexicans have lost their lives to drug violence. It’s a staggering number, and one that tends to get tuned out by those reading…

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