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food is connective

June 7, 2013

I have been thinking about how food is important to our identity and culture… and wondering about the way that food might serve as a connective between reader and text and between characters… Here are a couple more quotes:

“Exotic dishes may serve as a bridge to other places and cultures, connect to experiences of foreign countries…”[1]

food often has an ability to last longer as a signifier for ethnicity than other markers, such as language and fashion.” [2]

[1] p44 Barbro Johansson et al. (2009) Nordic Children’s Foodscapes: Images and Reflections. Food, Culture & Society 12(1)March; pp25-51

[2] 7 Fred Gardaphé and Wenying Xu (2007) ‘Introduction: Food in Multi-Ethnic Literatures’ MELUS 32(4): 5-10


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