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Sharing food – crossing thresholds

June 6, 2013

“everyday food is a necessary element in creating a contrast to festive times, when one eats other things.”[1]

“sharing food does not, importantly, guarantee any other form of engagement.  Food may, indeed provide a means for crossing cultural and geographical thresholds, but this is not an automatic or necessarily a one-way process.”[2]

[1] p45 Barbro Johansson et al. (2009) Nordic Children’s Foodscapes: Images and Reflections. Food, Culture & Society 12(1)March; pp25-51

[2] 130 Daisy Tam and Nicola Frost (2008) Introduction: Food Journeys – Culinary Travels in Time and Space’ Food, Culture & Society 11(2)June: 127-132


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