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“E.g., causeway”

May 2, 2013

The final poem in Anne Kennedy’s The Time of the Giants is titled ‘E.g., causeway‘ and I like it:

First there were the giants and then there were the myths.
There were the giant myths and then there were

the explanations. There were the explanations
and then there were the phenomena, e.g. rain falling

and then there was love. And then there were two
and then there were three

and then there were four of them
and so on. (p.114)

Tane separates Rangi and PapaActually, I like the verses preceding this one too and perhaps some of the relevance they bring to the final poem needs included…

“[Children, headland…]


It wasn’t that the sky fell but that she walked
with her head poking up into the sky
and that made it seem fallen
all around her, it covered her in blue. Maybe this caused
precipitation to come to pass
earlier than it would have otherwise.

Before the man, the sky was always fallen
so really things had just gone back to normal
but try telling her that! (p.109)

How eventually they lay as earth and sky lie
joined in places where mountains are
and by the long lines of rain
while all manner of vegetation
grew between them.

How children came and grew big in their arms
and out of their arms and ran about the house
knocking small objects to the ground
by accident one after the other in order
of importance.” (p.113)

Ref: Anne Kennedy (2005) The time of the giants. Auckland University Press: Auckland


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