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A few more questions to the text

April 18, 2013

Anna Jackson’s essay, ‘Uncanny Hauntings, Canny Children’ makes me think of another question, or two, that would be interesting to put to texts…

Is the plot resolved in a way that requires real agency on the part of the protagonist?

How is the protagonist’s identity influenced by his relationships? 

Are any of the protagonist’s relationships particularly important to his story? In what way? How do these relationships impact on the story told?

What solutions are offered by this story for dealing with the new and unfamiliar?

Ref: Anna Jackson ‘Uncanny Hauntings, Canny Children’ pp.157-176 Eds. Anna Jackson, Karen Coats and Roderick McGillis (c2008) The Gothic in Children’s Literature: Haunting the Borders. Routledge: New York

Of Charlotte Sometimes, Jackson writes that “The plot, then, is resolved in a way that requires no real agency on the part of the girls….” (p.172), so I’m not quoting her above, but these questions come from her analyses….


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