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More room in our imagination

October 6, 2012

I’m not going to keep entirely true to the context of this quote because it’s the idea within it that I like; of previously undiscovered American relations, Michael King writes: “This American family was more exotic and therefore more interesting to us than our known cousins in Newtown and Miramar, precisely because we knew so little about them and therefore had more room for them in our imaginations.” (16)

I read this and couldn’t help thinking of the way we tut-tut at New Zealand authors who abandon all sense of the local (and the publishers who supposedly encourage this)… and of the importance of teaching ‘foreign’ literature in schools… I’m not forming a full thought exactly – it’s just interesting…

Ref: Michael King (2011) The Silence Beyond: Selected writings by Michael King: With an Introduction by Rachael King. Penguin Books: Auckland. 


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