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Australian nationalism and foods

September 26, 2012

 “Duruz (1999; 2001) …observes in Australian society that the history of certain traditional foods is significantly anchored in politics and a nationalistic ideology that valorises earlier eras, and argues that a main determining force in what people expect from so-called traditional foods is a feeling of nostalgia as well as a cultural identification with the past through eating in the present.”[1]

Not sure how New Zealand compares in this regard, though I’m sure we do…
And surely our literature and Australia’s must evidence such forces…

[1] 264 Sidney Cheung (2005) ‘Consuming ‘Low’ Cuisine after Hong Kong’s handover: village banquets and private kitchens’ Asian Studies Review 29, Sept: 259-273

Referring to:

Duruz, Jean (1999) Food as nostalgia: Eating the fifties and sixties, Australian Historical Studies 113, pp. 231–50.

Duruz, Jean (2001) Home cooking, nostalgia, and the purchase of tradition, Traditional Dwellings and Settlements Review 12(2), pp. 21–32.


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