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Culinary Tourism

September 4, 2012

Another book I’m looking at is Culinary Tourism… Lucy Long explains the term thus:

“Culinary tourism is about food as a subject and medium, destination and vehicle, for tourism. It is about individuals exploring foods new to them as well as using food to explore new cultures and ways of being. It is about groups using food to ‘sell’ their histories and to construct marketable and publicly attractive identities, and it is about individuals satisfying curiosity. Finally, it is about the experiencing of food in a mode that is out of the ordinary, that steps outside the normal routine to notice difference and the power of food to represent and negotiate that difference.” (p.20)

very interesting…

Ref: Lucy Long ‘Culinary Tourism: a folkloristic perspective on eating and otherness’, pp.20-50 in Ed. Lucy Long (c2004) Culinary Tourism. The University Press of Kentucky: Lexington, Kentucky.


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