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In times of change… a few quotes

August 28, 2012

“In times of change, when there is a quicksand of fear under people’s reasoning, a sense of continuity with generations gone before can stretch like a lifeline across an alarming present.[1]

“Just where am I to fit this story into my view of the world?[2]

“We make what we can of our condition with the means available.  We must accept the mixture as we find it – the impurity of it, the tragedy of it, the hope of it.[3]

[1] P7 (quoting John Dos Passos) King, M. (2001). Tread Softly For You Tread On My Life; New & Collected Writings. Auckland, Cape Catley Ltd.

[2] Margaret Mahy on questions children ask her – Mahy, M. (2000). A Dissolving Ghost; Essays and More.Wellington,Victoria University Press.P46

[3] (quoting Saul Bellow) p101 Wisse, R. R. (1971). The Schlemiel as Modern Hero.Chicago &London, TheUniversity ofChicago Press.

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