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The meaning of disease

August 15, 2012

“If disease is treated in a mechanical, one-dimensional manner, just as an experience and not as an experience with significant meaning, the treatment rendered is insufficient.”
~Lisa Hollingsworth and Mary Didelot

They continue: “many medical professionals are immersed in the assessment of disease by the event itself.  They do not wish to contaminate patient evaluation with the perceptual variables.  However, this linear model fails in its assessment of the individual experience.  Research now indicates the importance of perceptual variables (the subjective nature) in protecting people from the onset of illness and aiding in effective treatment of illness.” (p.1) “In illness, there needs to be a complete understanding of both the physiology and the psychology of disease.  Illness not only redefines the parameters of physical abilities, but reaches further.  The Self and all its components will also require redefinition. Prevention and treatment of illness that takes these factors into consideration will strengthen wellness.” (p.2)

‘Illness: The Redefinition of Self and Relationships’ 


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