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Locating national and transnational literatures

August 6, 2012

“This [the problem of language being unable to serve as a marker of belonging for an ‘ethnic writer’ in either the place of departure or the place of arrival, on account of the need to be ‘translated’ for both groups] may be a problem for all ethnic or diasporic literature. Transnationalization has created a new kind of literature that is not easily identifiable in earlier terms of national literature. On the other hand, transnationality is itself haunted by its origins in nations, and transnational literature faces the predicament of serving as the site for a new politics of literature. National claims on literature have not disappeared, but now take the form of the racialization and culturalization of the writer in both the society of departure and the society of arrival.” (225)

Arif Dirlik (2002) ‘Literature/Identity: Transnationalism, Narrative and Representation’. The Review of Education, Pedagogy, and Cultural Studies 24: 209-234


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