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Carol Mutch: Guidelines for evaluating the presentation of reports/articles

July 26, 2012
“Guidelines for evaluating the presentation of research reports or journal articles

– Did the title give a fair indication of what the report or article was about?

– Did the opening and/or closing paragraphs summarise the key points?

– Did you get an understanding of the purpose and the significance of the research?

– Were there useful signposts? For example: ‘This research aims to…’; ‘The next section will…’; ‘The main themes are…’; ‘The key tenets of my argument are…’

– Were headings used and were they helpful?

– Were there clear links between the sections?

– Were there tables, diagrams, graphs, or other ways of displaying or summarising data?

– Was the argument supported by references to the work of other writers and/or prior research?

– Were links made between the research and the lierature or between the findings and the practical realities?

– Were you left feeling satisfied that you had read a sound, coherent, and reasoned report?”

Ref: p. 23 Carol Mutch (2005) Doing Educational Research: A Practitioner’s Guide to Getting Started. NZCER Press: Wellington


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