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A random metaphor I liked a lot…

July 1, 2012

Describing a bookshop she was particularly fond of in Christchurch (Madras Cafe Books), Fiona Farrell gave her reasons for liking it and the following metaphor which just tickled my fancy:

“Madras Cafe Books foregrounds New Zealand writers instead of franchised fast fiction targeted at children, stationery with deft messages for every possible human rite from birth to death, and the product of American and British writers who are no longer proper writers but brands as slick and inoffensive as shampoo.” (Fiona Farrell ‘Hidden Treasures’ Booknotes, Issue 169, Winter 2010, p.15)… BTW, I couldn’t help thinking of the opening to Mahy’s The Changeover at this point – the theme of the shampoo metaphor in Kiwi parlance?

You may be interested in following the metaphor back to the source…,%20Fiona

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