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Maori or Pasifika research – from the inside

June 1, 2012

In her chapter on theory, Mutch advises: “for those of you who are Maori or Pasifika researchers working in your own cultural settings, I offer Linda Tuhiwai Smith’s (1999, p.10) reminder about conducting research as an insider:

‘The indigenous researchers seeking to work within indigenous contexts are framed somewhat differently. If they are ‘insiders’ they are frequently judged on insider criteria; their family background, status, politics, age, gender, religion as well as their technical ability. … The point being made is that indigenous researchers work within a set of ‘insider’ dynamics and it takes considerable sensitivity, skill, maturity, experience, and knowledge to work these issues through.'” (p.70)

Ref: (emphases in bold, blue, mine) Carol Mutch (2005) Doing Educational Research: A Practitioner’s Guide to Getting Started. NZCER Press: Wellington


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