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As the Earth Turns Silver – connectivities within localized and national histories

May 28, 2012

According to Voci and Leckie, As the Earth Turns Silver “seeks to uncover the less understood, hidden connectivities between cultures and communities. …these connectivities can only be uncovered through localized histories that are much more complex and nuanced than what is captured by national histories.”[1]

Worth thinking about… perhaps in connection with the domesticity of the novel (in spite of being set in New Zealand’s ‘formative years’ and during the Gallipoli campaign (birth of the nation and all that…), this novel tells the tale of a man and woman who fall in love in a fruit shop…).

[1] 12 Paola Voci and Jacqueline Leckie (2011) ‘Introduction: Beyond nations and ethnicities: localizing Asia in New Zealand’ in (eds) Paola Voci and Jacqueline Leckie Localizing Asia in Aotearoa. Dunmore Publishing: Wellington

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