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We each have our own stories and our own voice

May 2, 2012

“We each have our own stories and our own voice. Each writer taking the same story will interpret and write it quite differently. There is no one Chinese voice, just as there is no one Pākehā, Māori, Pacific or other New Zealand voice. Even within a specific culture or ethnic background, there need to be many voices. …a novel potentially includes characters of many backgrounds, and a writer cannot personally have all those experiences. Thorough research, good technique and a lively imagination can create a rich and credible world.”[1]

[1]69 Alison Wong (2011) ‘Personal narrative; As the Earth Turns Silver’ pp.68-73 in Eds. Paola Voci and Jacqueline Leckie Localizing Asia  in Aotearoa. Dunmore Publishing: Wellington


From → Wong Alison

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