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Using the Foucauldian concept of discourse – a description

April 30, 2012

In her research into discourses in a classroom situation, Millei explains her use of discourse… “‘Discourse’ is being used in a Foucauldian (Foucault, 1980) sense as a practice that is produced historically in a specific sociocultural context, is structured by assumptions and produces power. Power also constitutes and governs individual subjects, who become subject and bearer of power-knowledge relations (Foucault, 1980). Foucault (1980) asserted that some discourses have shaped and created knowledges that have gained the ‘status and currency’ of ‘truth’, and dominate how we define and organise both ourselves and our social world, while alternative discourses are marginalised.”

Ref: Zsuzsanna J. Millei (2005) ‘The Discourse of Control: disruption and Foucault in an early childhood classroom’ Contemporary Issues in Early Childhood, Volume 6, Number 2, pp.128-139


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