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Non-Maori research strategies

April 1, 2012

Carol Mutch addresses ‘Research in a Maori context‘ and writes:

Tuhiwai Smith (1999, p.197) … talks of the various strategies non-Maori researchers have adopted in relation to research in Maori settings:

1. The strategy of avoidance, ‘whereby the reseracher avoids dealing with the issues or with Maori’.

2.The strategy of personal development, ‘whereby researchers prepare themselves by learning Maori language, attending hui and becoming more knowledgeable about Maori concerns’.

3. The strategy of consultation with Maori, ‘where efforts are made to seek support and consent’

4. The strategy of ‘making space’, ‘where organisations have recognised and attempted to bring more Maori researchers and ‘voices’ into their own organisation” (67)

Mutch goes on to write: “If you are in a position to offer support for strategy 4 (making space), then this is the best way you can foster Maori research development. As Cram (2001, p.49) explains: ‘Research that is ‘by Maori, for Maori’ will encourage Maori participation in and Maori control over research processes.’ Cram (2001, p.38) also expresses the view that despite the argument of some that non-Maori cannot conduct kaupapa Maori research, ‘non-Maori can support a Maori research kaupapa’. In other words, they can support its development and ensure it happens in a way that works for Maori” (Mutch 67)

Ref: (emphases in bold blue, mine) Carol Mutch (2005) Doing Educational Research: A Practitioner’s Guide to Getting StartedNZCER Press: Wellington

Referring to: Cram, F. (2001). Rangahau Maori: Tona tika, tona pono / The validity and integrity of Maori research. In Tolich, M. (Ed.), Research ethics in Aotearoa New Zealand (pp.35-52). Auckland: Pearson Education.

Tuhiwai Smith, L. (1999). Decolonizing Methodologies: Research and indigenous people. London/Dunedin: Zed Books/Otago University Press.

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