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What are the rituals of friendship?

February 7, 2012

Michael King makes a comment in his essay ‘Words at Robin Morrison’s Funeral’ on the ‘rituals of friendship’ which I found thought-provoking:

“…he was the best of travelling companions because he derived so much joy from the shared rituals of friendship: from conversation, from good humour, from courtesy, from the preparation and enjoyment of good food and wine, from expeditions to interesting places, from the drink in the evening after a day’s work; and from the quiet, companionable silences that exist between words and conversations.” (174-175)

Ref:  Michael King (2011) The Silence Beyond: Selected writings by Michael King: With an Introduction by Rachael King. Penguin Books: Auckland.

So what are the rituals of friendship? How are they celebrated in literature? …perpetuated in literature? …demonstrated in literature? How do such rituals move the story?


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