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Resisting simulacra – representing Indigenous readers

January 29, 2012

“While some Indigenous writers and scholars have provided insightful and useful glosses on ‘‘Indigenous’’ children’s literature (e.g. Taylor, 2000; Slapin & Seale, 1992/1988), rarely in the literature are Indigenous teachers-as-readers represented. By interrogating the text and infusing it with their interpretations, the Indigenous teachers created another ‘‘text’’; a text informed by their consciousness of Indigenous storytelling and epistemology and that thus resisted the substitution of an Indigenous perspective by simulacra.” (69)

Ref: (blue, bold emphasis mine) Teresa Strong-Wilson (2008) ‘Turtles All the Way: Simulacra and Resistance to Simulacra in Indigenous Teachers’ Discussion of Indigenous Children’s Literature’  Children’s Literature in Education 39: 53-74


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