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Synchronising audience reaction

November 15, 2011

“As Roger Abrahams comments in ‘Folklore and Literature as Performance’ (1972), ‘The idea that lies behind performance is a remarkably simple one: to set up rhythms and expectancies which will permit – indeed, insist upon – a synchronized audience reaction.’ (78)” (Sullivan (2001) 285)

This is in reference to Sullivan’s discussion of the use of folklore in fantasy to guide readers through the unknown… but the ideas of performance, rhythms, expectancies…. I like it…

Ref: (NB ‘blue bold’ emphasis mine) C.W. Sullivan (2001) ‘Folklore and Fantastic Literature’ Western Folklore 60(4) Fall; 279-296  [quoting Abrahams, Roger. 1972. ‘Folklore and Literature as Performance’ Journal of the Folklore Institute 9: 75-94]


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