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On learning dates and things

September 8, 2011

The Friend ~ A.A. Milne

There are lots and lots of people who are always asking things,
Like Dates and Pounds-and-ounces and the names of funny Kings,
And the answer’s always Sixpence or A Hundred Inches Long.
And I know they’ll think me silly if I get the answer wrong.

So Pooh and I go whispering, and Pooh looks very bright,
And says, “Well, I say sixpence, but I don’t suppose I’m right.”
And then it doesn’t matter what the answer ought to be,
‘Cos if he’s right, I’m Right, and if he’s wrong, it isn’t Me.
I’m referring back to my earlier blog here (War has a beginning and an end) to emphasise my point that we place importance on learning dates of things – then and now as it were.


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