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Goodies and Baddies

September 1, 2011

Who are the bad guys?

Not an easy question, of course, but conceptions of goodies and baddies are raised (and reinforced) when we discuss events like “9/11.”  However, these and other ideas can be explored and better understood through such events  too.  I’m just hunting down a few resources I know of that relate…

Toni Gross and Sydney Gurewitz Clemens wrote an article, ‘Painting a Tragedy; Young children process the events of September 11’ that may be of interest: 

Sydney Clemens does ask that anyone who downloads this article simply email her to let her know ( – she’s real friendly about it!  Incidentally, you can also find more of her work through her website:

In fact, if it’s children’s emotional response to such things that’s being explored, then there is plenty of literature worth considering, from child stress to play theory (and discussions about war play – which is not all bad!)


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