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More questions to the text

June 17, 2011

Some questions Susan Louise Stewart attributes to Lissa Paul:

– Whose story is this?

– When and where was the reading produced?

– Who is named? And who is not?

– Who gets punished? And who gets praised?

– Who speaks? And who is silenced?

– Who acts? And who is acted upon?

– How are value systems determined?


Stewart also asks these questions:

– Why value [a given character’s] goals to become literate?

– Why is a happy ending important?

– Why do some characters receive praise and others receive punishment and what are the rewards and punishments?

– What value systems contribute to their praise and displeasure?


Ref: (all emphases mine) Susan Louise Stewart (2008) ‘Beyond Borders: Reading ‘Other’ Places in Children’s Literature’ Children’s Literature in Education 39; 95-105


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