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Introducing James Norcliffe

June 13, 2011

James Norcliffe has been part of New Zealand’s literary scene for a while, but The Loblolly Boy has certainly made him more visible on the YA side (it does tend to maintain a strong visual presence in bookstores)! The Loblolly Boy isn’t Norcliffe’s first foray into YA lit, though – he won the 2007 Sir Julius Vogel Award for the best New Zealand fantasy novel of 2006 with The Assassin of Gleam.

I’m still learning myself, but here are the bare bones – and he does have his own website, so that’s probably the best place to start anyway!

Brief Bio:

born: 3 March 1946, Greymouth  

– novelist, poet, editor, husband…

– He currently lives in Christchurch, but has also lived in Brunei Darussalam and China (how interesting!)

– some of his poetry is available online (NZETC, NZEPC, The Listener, Jacket Magazine, etc). You can also hear him reading his poem, How to Dress for Peace, on YouTube

– and, as mentioned, he does have his own website…

Refer also to these web resources: 

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