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Environmental discourse

May 16, 2011

Just enjoying Des Hunt’s writing and thinking… his work is overtly environmentalist.  Environmental politics drive the narrative without letting the story succumb to moralist rhetoric.  Where Cuckoos Call, for example, revolves around a delicate ecological system in need of protection by mankind from mankind. The protagonist, a fat geek, basically, (who leaves for highschool and makes geek friends – great to see a protagonist finding himself outside the norm without making a huge deal about it!) has made himself responsible for the protection of birdlife on his beach.  He brings all manner of scientific ideas and wonderings into the narrative – and this science really proves to be the engine driving the narrative along…

Where Cuckoos Call – and Des Hunt’s other work, too – might benefit from some discourse analysis… and there is already plenty of research into narrative and environmentalism…  Again, in my mind, I’m aligning Hunt’s writing with Maurice Gee – the environmentalism of the O series, or of the Salt series, for example…

Incidentally, Radio National’s Birds are available to listen to online: Pīpīwharauroa (shining cuckoo)

Photograph by J.L. Kendrick. Crown Copyright 1980, Department of Conservation.

Listen to this bird

Download: Ogg Vorbis  MP3

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Writing for an endangered world : literature, culture, and environment in the U.S. and beyond / Lawrence Buell — the summary of this last book, for example, says: Offers a conception of the physical environment–whether built or natural–as simultaneously found and constructed, and treats imaginative representations of it as acts of both discovery and invention. A number of the chapters develop this idea through parallel studies of figures identified with either “natural” or urban settings: John Muir and Jane Addams; Aldo Leopold and William Faulkner; Robinson Jeffers and Theodore Dreiser; Wendell Berry and Gwendolyn Brooks. Focusing on nineteenth- and twentieth-century writers, but ranging freely across national borders, this book reimagines city and country as a single complex landscape

HMMMM!!! I realise this is another note to self, so please ignore me if you’re not interested in reference lists! Fair enough of course! …but I’m thinking perhaps Maurice Gee, Des Hunt, Margaret Mahy, Patricia Grace,… ecocriticism… don’t know yet

There is another (old) book, The Power of Place:, by Diane Hebley which would be relevant… anyway a better search another day!


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