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Introducing Des Hunt

May 14, 2011

I just read Cry of the Taniwha and really enjoyed it.

The novel actually incorporates older characters into the action of this story and, I have to say, making older characters agentic in a story for younger readers is an increasingly uncommon vision of adolescence!!!  I’m very happy to find an author who includes older characters in his representation of an adolescent’s community.

I also liked that he included a community of Maori and Pakeha (a mix that is surprisingly absent from a lot of NZ literature…).

Basic bio:

born, 29 December 1941, Palmerston North

– teacher (physics and computing), author, environmentalist 

– lives on the Coromandel, a factoid I share only because of the strong environmental bent in his writing…

– recipient of the Woolf Fisher Memorial Award for services to education;  recipient of the New Zealand Institute of Physics Award for outstanding service to Physics Education; his young adult fiction has also been nominated for a number of awards…

– according to the NZ Writers’ Festival, “Des Hunt has written a series of successful environmental adventures for children and young adults which aim to foster his readers’ natural interest in the science of their surroundings. He has written nine novels, including Whale Pot BayCry of the Taniwha and most recently, The Crocodile Nest (HarperCollins, 2010).”

– He is also part of BookTalks… to which I imagine this blog is connected:

He has his own website:  

More info on the net:

NZ Book Council; Christchurch City Libraries; Storylines; HarperCollinsPublishers


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