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Conceptions of the person

May 8, 2011

Bridge and Watson state that: “The economic system is now global and embedded within it are certain conceptions of the person, rational action, economic convention.” (p353)

It makes me wonder…. How come so few YA texts include the working life of the adolescent?

How are adolescents conceived of (as ‘economic persons’) in YA literature?

Of course, some adolescents don’t work (especially among those who form the economic base of this literature).  The underlying belief here is (often) that if you are at school, ‘receiving’ an education, then you needn’t contribute to the weekly finanaces of the household because you are educating yourself towards its longterm success….

BUT many adolescents do work… many adolescents are affected by and contribute to the economy… so, thinking in terms of power relations and how they are reinforced, …does this silence in YA Literature work to exclude the adolescent from the economic structure and reinforce the belief that adolescents are neither contributing members, nor (therefore) full citizens of society?


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