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Justin Bieber on stories

May 1, 2011

Okay, a hint of humour hangs about this comment because I’m participating in the phenomenon, … but I thought what Justin Bieber said was ultimately sensible

On 60 Minutes a few weeks ago (NZ showing), Bieber was asked about his upcoming book.  The presenter commented on Bieber putting out an autobiography at such a tender age, asking what stories he could have to tell when he was so young.

Bieber’s response was something like, “It doesn’t make sense that people think because I’m young I can’t have a story.”

Absolutely! His autobiography won’t be coming from the perspective of a centenarian who grew up in the segregated south and is only now learning to read  (like George in Life is Good (great auto-bio-graphy)).  Bieber’s book will certainly be a different story, with a different set of experiences and very-likely coming from a ‘young’ perspective, but …

ignoring the marketing thing (which could be – and has been – argued elsewhere anyway)…

what is it about Justin Bieber’s age that makes people think his opinions and ideas (his view of life) aren’t worthy of being recorded or sold?  

Why do we view this age-group in such a way?

Why are children, into their late teens, considered second-class citizens?

Obviously, the likely audience of this books will be ‘underage’ girls, but what does ‘underage’ really refer to?

This negative view of the worth of Bieber’s memoirs isn’t unlike what one might have expected a hundred or so years ago, had a woman said she were publishing her autobiography…

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