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Support structures again

April 12, 2011

I was brainstorming today about the nature of support structures based on a rereading of The Serpents of Arakesh

I’ll scan in the mindmap if I can… terms that popped up for me were:

friendship, family, difficult relationships with peers (‘enemies’ – an inappropriate term, but one used in the literature?), authorities, common ground vs difference, discipline, communication (skills, forum, etc.), resources (social, material, internal, including ‘inherent’ qualities? etc… including skills, imagination, instinct, experience, perception/understanding, access to privacy, etc – are they sufficient?)…

these are the ‘moments’ in the text I see as being deserving of critical analysis with this idea of ‘modeling support structures/resilience/etc’ in mind…

But how do you measure sufficiency (how do you know if a child has ‘sufficient’ resources)?

what types of people constitute social resources? (children, adults, people with specific social roles (eg police, doctors…)?)

how are relationships built? (through mutual experience? through talking/communicating? through gifts? out of confidence that stems from our own ideas about what we are good at and have to offer?)

How do the following concepts impact on a child’s ability to deal with difficulty?  ideas about: human nature, ‘being special’, having a choice in life, fate/purpose/etc, instinct, threats (to what?), expectations of life/the world

are our expectations of life and/or the world contained in the narratives we have access to?

Ref: my mindmap as PDF: Support structures for YAs

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