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The first person confessional

April 12, 2011

“…Salinger, then Zindel and Hinton, popularized the first person confessional, the author slyly siding with the youth in stance, tone and voice.  It was in the States that writers began jumping straight into the story – the Are you there God? It’s me, Margaret approach.  Now, throughout the western of westernized world (except for some of the more restrained, conservative British, French and German writers) letters, diaries, phone calls, graffiti, journal entries… The point of being casual, so forming an easy, confidential tone between the narrator and the reader.  Writers like Christine Nostlinger have a perfect ear for the language patterns of young people … It seems to me that she and many of the world’s best writers speak ‘for’ rather than ‘to’ young people… eg. Luke and Angela, Girl Missing

P10 of Bridges over troubled water – Maurice Saxby (Brave new world)  (yes, another reference i need to finetune!)

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