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The Hero with a Thousand Faces

April 10, 2011

Beyond the Shroud, VM Jones

I am also thinking of:

Campbell, J. (1968). The Hero with a Thousand Faces. Princeton, New Jersey, Princeton University Press.

in relation to the writing of The Serpents of Arakesh

Mackey-Kallis quotes him as writing that a hero’s journey requires three phases: “a separation from the world, a penetration to some source of power, and a life-enhancing return…. The usual hero adventure begins with someone from whom something has been taken, or who feels there’s something lacking in the normal experiences available or permitted to the members of his society.  This person then takes off on a series of adventures beyond the ordinary, either to recover what has been lost or to discover some life-giving elixir.[1]

[1] P25 (quoting Joseph Campbell) Mackey-Kallis, S. (c2001). The Hero and the Perennial Journey Home in American Film. Philadelphia, University of Pennsylvania Press.


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