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The hidden purpose of events in Karazan

April 10, 2011

Dungeons of Darkness

Events seem to be given meaning in The Serpents of Arakesh

.  I haven’t yet decided how fatalistic this storyworld is though… Chance and luck get mentioned periodically… When Adam has an interview with Q, Adam asks him, “Was it just luck that my card was picked?” and Q replies, “Very few things in life are just luck, and this certainly was not.” [p75]  Later, Kenta states, “if something is a certain way, there’s bound to be a reason.” [p192]  Patterns are referred to more than once (p75, pp190-191,etc), perhaps appropriately given that the alternate reality is supposed to stem from a computer game.  However, in some ways the computer game excuses certain novelistic breaks from reality.  Notably, Kenta reminds her friends that “Karazan may well retain some elements of a game world, where everything should be examined and questioned.  Much may occur with a hidden purpose that will only become apparent later. …” [p142 The Serpents of Arakesh, VM Jones]


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