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Different models of childhood?

April 10, 2011

Quest for the Sun

I read somewhere that it is worth noting which settings/characters/etc occur more than once and/or in different ways in a text. That is, for example, if there is a prison setting, is there just one prison or are multiple prisons described? How many variants of this ‘thing’ are suggested? Is it presented in a comparative fashion or as if there were only one possibility?

In The Serpents of Arakesh, there are a number of children described – fewer adults.  How are they described? How many types are possible in terms of adults and children?  There is a definite distinction made between adults and children in this book – only children can travel to Karazan, not adults (p111).  But… what makes them different? How different are they from each other?  Which types are not included?

Also, Adam often seems to start out thinking his peers lead perfect lives, but they then turn out to be less than perfect in some way… what does this say about normality in childhood?

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