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Karen Coats on story

April 4, 2011

Karen Coats writes, “from our very first beginnings, we are fed stories, embraced by stories, nourished by stories.  The only way we come to make sense of the world is through the stories we are told. They pattern the world we have fallen into, effectively replacing its terrors and inconsistencies with structured images that assure us of its manageability.  And in the process of structuring the world, stories structure us as beings in that world. We begin to tell our own stories, fashioning a self out of the stories and narrative patterns we have received from our culture.”[1]

[1] (my emphasis) P1 Karen Coats (2004) Looking Glasses and Neverlands; Lacan, Desire, and Subjectivity in Children’s Literature.  University of Iowa Press: Iowa City

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