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Meg Rosoff vs Kate De Goldi?

March 30, 2011

Just In Case - Meg Rosoff

I’m just thinking… I wonder if Meg Rosoff’s Just in Case and Kate De Goldi’s The 10pm Question would make for a good comparative study…  I like both of the protagonists in these novels.  They’re quirky and good-hearted… and there’s something about the way they’re characterised around their troubles… hmmm… except that it would be the minor characters that I’d like to study:

How do the minor characters in these novels support the characterisation of the protagonist?

How do they support the protagonist’s purpose? Do they have their own?

What range of personalities and people (what range of characters) is represented in the communal support structure they make up?

What is the protagonist struggling with and how do these minor characters fit into that struggle (into the representation of that struggle?!)?

How does this relate back to our cultural understanding(s) of these struggles…

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