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International literature; Backyardbooks OE

March 28, 2011

El alma al diablo - Marcelo Birmajer

I was thinking about this last night:

On this blog, how do I fit in the authors I find interesting who aren’t from New Zealand? It’s not just the NZ authors that deserve attention, but I do want to narrow things to my own back yard to start with…

I decided perhaps a second blog: Backyardbooks OE; traveling the world of YA lit, or something…

Then I had morning tea with my MA supervisor today and he commented on the need to access texts from other cultures in order to see new things (and also to reflect the multitude of cultures represented in the audience here)… then also reminded me of the very important role teachers have in exposing students to texts they might not otherwise have choosen for themselves… All so true!

Anyway, I’ll get on to that later – but it is in the back of my mind…

And… what to do about the lack of translations into English? Gecko Press is certainly challenging this problem, but do I analyse the ones I like written in Spanish… including, for example:  Toby – Graciela Cabal;  Piedras volando sobre el agua – Marcelo Birmajer; Las visitas – Silvia Schujer; El alma al diablo – Marcelo Birmajer; Nuevos cuentos argentinos; Antologia para gente joven


and… on this note, there are a few resources on the net for interested readers of Spanish:


babar; revista de literatura infantil y juvenil    cuatrogatos  
Imaginaria; revista quincenal sobre literatura infantil y juvenil  
puertas a la lectura  
Barahona Center 
Américas Book Award for Children’s and Young Adult Literature  —  Asociación Española de Amigos del Libro Infantil y Juvenil  —  la Asociación de Literatura infantil y Juvenil de la Argentina (ALIJA)  —  sitio de literatura argentina  —  Guía de Letras  —  Bibliografía sobre literatura infantil  —  

Actually, the IBBY in general is a good place to start for international literature for younger readers!  Incidentally, the IBBY in Latin America did put out a journal called Revista latinoamericana de Literatura Infantil y juvenil (see Imaginaria for details), but it seems to have gone from the internet….


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