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Introducing Kate De Goldi

March 22, 2011

Kate De Goldi

I read and loved The 10pm Question, but that was the first I knew of her, so I’m learning too…

Word on the street is that:

– she has also written as Kate Flannery

– there are some very interesting Radio National podcasts of hers (need to hunt these down myself)

– she won the 2011 Margaret Mahy Storylines Award – looking forward to that lecture!

– she’s been awarded the $100,000 Creative New Zealand Michael King Writers’ Fellowship to research and write a non-fiction book about children’s literature (Wellington Scoop have more info). Crikey that’s a decent amount of money. good job!

– she also won the Katherine Mansfield Short Story Award and the Esther Glen Medal.

The 10pm Question is discussed in Anna Jackson, Geoffrey Miles, Harry Ricketts, Tatjana Schaefer, and Kathryn Walls A Made-Up Place: New Zealand in Young Adult Fiction (Victoria University Press: Wellington, 2011).

There is an extended interview with de Goldi in Words Chosen Carefully: New Zealand Writers in Discussion (pp.134-153, Ed. Siobhan Harvey. Cape Catley Ltd: Auckland 2010)

Various websites give info on her: (now owned by Random House NZ),%20Kate

Maria Gill interviewed her (freely available download)

Guess I’ll work the rest out as I go – and add it then of course!

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