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March 19, 2011

Genesis - Bernard Beckett

In the Canvas section of the Weekend Herald, March 12th, 2011 (p30 to be exact), there was an interview with Bernard Beckett…

in which, Beckett seems to suggest he has created this post-apocalyptic world as a “story-telling technique” – that he’s “using it to set up the thing they [the books Genesis and August] are about.”

I like this idea – that the place, or setting, is integral to what is being communicated. And it brings me back to some questions I was pondering when I first read Genesis:

How much does the creation of a new place/ an unidentifiable place/ a place we are not connected to affect our sense of identity within a narrative (eg in Beckett’s Genesis)?

What do we connect to in this place?

What connection does such a place have to time (in terms of a Western, teleological idea of time, but also in terms of our historic time and the culture we work with)?


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