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My blog, my rules…

March 18, 2011

Just so you know in advance, I mix British and American English and do so because I enjoy both and am loyal to neither!

For example, to me, ‘color’ looks clinical and phonetic – I never use it! (‘colour’ has much more personality with its slightly pointless, culturally historic but otherwise non-communicative U)   BUT   ‘centre’ and ‘center’ are of no fixed abode in my lexicon and I might use either.  Basically, some words look nice; some don’t. Some are quicker to write; some are annoying… so I shift between the two.

There is an academic argument for this in my mind, though: we hear so much about ‘post-colonial theory’ and ‘post-colonial literature’ but when we’re writing about such literature in New Zealand, we are obliged to choose one of the two writing systems. Kiwis are taught English through both and often don’t get to study literature from their own backyard… where is the logic?! Until someone can argue FOR choosing one system over the other, I’m not going to.

To be polite, though, I’m providing a disclaimer; I realise this is a problem for some – I’ve had arguments with at least two academics over this (and I gave up my principles in an american publication without even arguing for them), but my blog, my rules!


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