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Genre/Community – questions

March 18, 2011

I have a list of questions I put to each text I analyse (though not each question applies to every text). These are the ones that I relate to genre/community:

Text within Genre / Social space

– What framework allows us to compare this text with another?

What key paradigms articulate the study of this text? (eg. In Latin America, the quest for identity is common)

– How does the artistic representation dialogue with the broader context?

– How is the reader’s experience of fiction conceptualized? (by location in what framework…history/education, socialization, imagination???)

–  “genre … is … an instrument of reading, not primarily a formula for writing” The Autobiographical Situation (p21) (so what about in children’s lit – crossing genres / specific readership …?)

– what kind of order does this narrative place upon what?

– what are the criteria of relevance? (how does the narrative structure determine what is relevant?) Why this point and not that to tell this story

– Is it detective fiction? How stable is the society in this novelistic world? Is crime an anomaly or all-pervasive? Is the criminal punished? Does ‘the detective’ triumph?

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